Who I Serve And How I Can Help

By Jeremy Frazie, AIF®, PPC®

Don’t you wish you could feel unquestionably confident about your finances? You don’t have to look far to find financial advice or so-called proven formulas that promise to bring you financial success. And while there’s plenty of general advice you would be wise to take, your finances don’t exist in a bubble. They are an extension of you, your values, your dreams, and your life circumstances; as such, they deserve a personal touch.

That’s where I come in. I provide personalized service and protective guidance so you can approach your financial challenges and opportunities with unquestionable confidence.

Who I Serve

If you’re familiar with football, you know how important the red zone is. When teams reach this part of the field, just yards away from either scoring or being scored upon, strategies change and the atmosphere becomes heightened. This is not all that different from the critical years leading up to and after retirement. The financial mindsets and plans you had in your 30s and 40s need to pivot as you get ready to walk through this major life milestone.

At Frazie Wealth Management, our services are tailored to business owners, professionals, practitioners, and lifestyle savers who are in the Retirement Red Zone, the 15 years before and post retirement. In this stage of life, individuals are faced with complicated issues, such as having a retirement income they can’t outlive, navigating complex tax laws, saving for their grandchildren’s education, and leaving a financial legacy behind.

Regardless of what our clients do for a living or how they got their start, they all have a deep appreciation for hard work and smart decision-making. They want to be purposeful with their money and leave a legacy of finances and strong family values to their heirs. Because they are so motivated, they will not settle for average and want a long-term relationship with a financial advisor who will help them steward their vision. That’s the role we’re here to fill.

What I Do